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PAP S.A. is the largest Press Agency in Poland. Their mission is to obtain and display current and reliable information created and forwarded to them by entrepreneurs, individuals, government agencies and the media. The agency employs 250 journalists (working in the editorial office in Warsaw) and 70 correspondents in 22 field offices located in major Polish cities.

Tasks and objectives

Ideo implemented a new information portal for the Polish Press Agency. We took into account the customer’s needs and strategies in the preparation and implementation of the functional design, information architecture and their graphical concept. The main idea was to refresh the image of the Agency and to increase the intuitiveness of the portal. It was equally important to automate the publication of messages from various sources, and to simplify the editing process.

Dedicated mechanisms makes it possible to import information which is downloaded automatically from external sources using NewsML standards (including attachments), XML, and as Info packages. Editors have the ability to edit and intuitively manage the information using the dedicated Edito CMS system.

The core of the portal is the News module, which is divided into eight categories and for each publication, the system automatically generates related metatags, and as a result, Internet users easily find the information they require. In addition, these mechanisms increase the visibility of each publication in external search engines. To adjust the portal to the needs and requirements of the customer we used a modular content management system - Edito CMS. We have implemented a number of dedicated modules and widgets that increase the attractiveness of the portal. One of them is the ability to generate PDF files containing selected materials, as well as enabling scaling of text.

The portal has two language versions: Polish and English. In addition, through the use of RWD technology, it is available with full functionality on mobile devices. As part of the project we also conducted training for administrators, editors and key users.

"Our goal is not to compete with information portals, who are our customers. Users entering the site will be able to see what the subject was regarding the highlight of the day. Most of all we want to show that the service PAP provides is not just text based but In the field of digital media, we want to catch up with our partners." - declares chairman of PAP Lidia Sobańska.

Main benefits for the Customer:
  • refresh the PAP image
  • facilitate viewing the site on mobile devices
  • website optimised for search engines
  • improving navigation and intuitiveness of service
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