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Namysłów Brewery with almost 700 years of brewing tradition, is one of the oldest in Europe. The first information about brewery appeared in the fourteenth century. Currently, products are sold in Poland and to countries such as Australia, Japan and the USA.

Tasks and objectives

The main purpose of is to promote and build the image of "Zamkowe" beer. The website refers to the medieval history of the brewery. The website contains information about products, brewery history, beer production methods and received national and international awards and certificates.

The task of Ideo was to refresh the website layout and enrich it with attractive animations.

The work included a layout design, with extensive animation elements. Graphic elements have been prepared with the effects of transitions and transformations.

The correspondence of the graphics with the subject of the page can be seen especially in the "history" tab. The background changes dynamically when you hover over the selected tile. The history of the brewery has been prepared in an attractive way both visually and sound.

  • Unique and attractive animation,
  • full availability on mobile devices,
  • functional multimedia elements.

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