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The President of the Republic of Poland is the guarantor of continuity of state authority. It is the highest authority in the context of executive power, whose activities are aimed at realisation of the good in society. The current president of the Republic of Poland is Andrzej Duda.

Tasks and goals

The official website of the Polish President was required to be a friendly platform for information exchange between citizens and the Chancellery of the President. This was achieved by implementing solutions such as a blog, debates, user accounts, newsletters, photo galleries and multimedia. An important part of the site has been designed specifically for the media, where materials are only available to journalists who have an account at Additionally, thanks to the module "Online Accreditation" media representatives may sign up for important events, thereby reducing the traditional way to seek the power of attorney.

The site has been adapted for the visually impaired, and for those viewing the service via mobile phones, Ideo has prepared a slightly lighter version. The website includes games and competitions prepared especially for younger citizens.

On behalf of the President's Office we also provide a maintenance service and administered a server, ensuring the highest level of security.

Main advantages for the Customer
  • improving contact with the media and citizens
  • easier access to the portal for the visually impaired and availability of content on mobile devices
  • high level of security
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