The extranet platform is available to its users from the browser level. It is a convenient solution for companies whose activities are based on cooperation with partners, clients and external branches. It improves and speeds up contact, increasing the effectiveness of cooperation.

The extranet is equipped with a set of practical tools that support information, organizational, communication and, above all, business processes. The platform easily integrates with the systems already existing in the company.

The platform offers many practical functions that facilitate the cooperation of companies with contractors, business partners (B2B), and even customer service (B2C). With the help of the system, they gain access to documents, information and various key business processes, which significantly improve cooperation and increase work efficiency.

Extranet platform

The implementation of extranets is based on a proprietary framework, but we approach each client individually. Each implemented system is fully adapted to the needs and requirements of the organization in which it is to optimize work.

The extranet application is a common ground for the company's employees and its business partners. Most common to find in it are various documents, reports, materials, e.g. marketing ones, moreover it may serve as a sharing base of information, data and work effects.

On the other hand, it may also be a digital customer meeting place, which serves as complex support, as well as realization of communication and informational goals.

The specificity of extranet systems is their wide application and achieving goals tailored to the specificity of the organization. These are, in fact, dedicated platforms that are each time adapted to the needs and expectations of a given implementation.

For our clients, we have prepared a wide range of modules that (as their authors) can be fully adapted to the nature of your business. We also create dedicated solutions that fully fit into the business processes of a given company.

Benefits of implementing an extranet

The extranet platform combines many functional tools useful for both the company and the entities cooperating with it. Above all, it is a convenient communication channel for both parties and a place with quick access to always up-to-date information and documents.

Extranet for the company

  • time savings by automating most tasks
  • improving cooperation and business mechanisms
  • professional brand image
  • fast and convenient communication
  • higher work effectiveness
  • monitoring of business processes
  • efficient information flow
  • access to reports and activities summaries
  • higher finance flow control
  • building professional business relations

Extranet functions

The extranet platform has enormous potential, which results, among other things, from the individual design and selection of modules and functions to suit your needs. However, several areas in which the extranet will find a specific application can be distinguished, including:

  • e-commerce - both in B2B for cooperation with partners and in B2C for customer service. Extranet integration with CRM, creating a customer or contractor database, monitoring and history of orders, statistics and reports, and much more.
  • education - e.g. the access to materials, permissions and roles, activity schedule, newsfeed, internal communicator, study progress.
  • training industry - training sessions registrations, individual profiles, access to materials and news, schedule of classes and payments, reports.
  • service and consulting activities - process support, exchange of information, files and documents, schedules, etc.
  • multi-branch companies - common space for employees outside the main corporate network. Access to documentation, news, implementation of employee matters (e.g. holidays, business trips), employee database, calendar, company knowledge and much more.

Extranet tailored to your needs

The extranet is widely used and offers many possibilities that will work in any industry, the specificity of which requires external cooperation. In this case, they ensure, among other things, efficient flow of information and fast communication.

The correct implementation of the extranet platform is a significant step in the company's development. Professional tools, which it uses and makes available to its partners, accelerate and facilitate cooperation and create a positive image of the company and strengthen its position on the market.

Designing an extranet system is not an easy process, so companies that decide to implement an extranet should carefully analyze and plan the entire process. Thanks to this, you can avoid unnecessary mistakes and achieve your goals much faster.

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