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"Knowledge available anytime, anywhere"

Distance Learning uses the latest computer-aided means and its most engaging features. This makes distance learning more effective and more enjoyable for learners. This form of education also allows you to verify gained knowledge quickly.

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Based on our modular Edito CMS, we have developed a dedicated e-learning platform. It has all the functionalities to help you teach and learn online. The platform is compatible with the popular SCORM training format. You can integrate it with other systems used in your company.

We can introduce an e-learning platform with basic features or assist you in developing a new one. The latter can as well include a system to manage your extensive knowledge database. We offer our help in creating and proper preparation of educational materials. The service would include content editing, graphic elements, and interactive multimedia presentations. We can help develop strategies for knowledge verification tests.

Our expertise helps clients go through the entire strategic planning process for e-learning. We analyze the situation of each client individually. Then we share our experience by suggesting solutions. We highlight the advantages and challenges. As a result, we prepare a coherent and effective action plan.

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We have implemented many e-learning tools for our partners:

e-Learning DEMO

Edito E-learning platform comprises many vital modules. They include Tests, Reports, Training, Surveys, Forum, Calendar, Users or Newsletters.

Sometimes, simple actions combined with such tools enable to develop a platform that meets most customers’ needs and expectations. Yet, if you expect more than that, we can customize the platform even more. The selection of dedicated modules is vast. You can experiment by introducing many dedicated modules to expand the platform’s features.

Check out our e-learning platform. Fill in the form to see the DEMO.

Improve the teaching process

Distance learning is perfect for businesses because knowledge equals the company’s success. Nowadays, the economy relies on knowledge and innovation. The companies’ value depends on the employees’ knowledge and intellectual capital they bring.

  • Efficient employee training

    Efficient training

  • Complete and powerfull LMS

    Complete and powerfull LMS

  • Supports SCORM training

    SCORM Support

  • Control the learning process

    Control the process

  • Integrate with other HR systems

    Integrate with HR systems


E-learning also known as Distance Learning, can be a perfect addition to traditional training. Even sometimes you can try it as an alternative.  It enables effective learning, and is available anywhere, anytime, and to everyone entitled.

Many companies already use or plan to introduce an e-learning platform shortly.

E-learning becomes one of the most popular knowledge management tools in Polish enterprises. It allows choosing how you will deliver knowledge and at what pace. You can even combine it with traditional teaching or as mixed courses.

E-learning can improve many education processes in public and educational institutions and corporations. Also, it proves to be very beneficial to small companies.

For example, you can adapt it for:

  • support for traditional teaching in educational units,
  • transfer of extensive knowledge on selected topics in state educational institutions,
  • familiarizing the new employee with the company’s rules and standards,
  • quick transfer of knowledge to employees scattered over a large area (e.g. about new products),
  • conducting certified training for clients.

Tailored to your Business

Designing an e-learning platform requires proper preparation and detailed analysis. We need to consider the general goals, needs and the customers’ realistic expectations. Then there are other things you need to think about.

For instance, the current processes related to raising competences in the organization. Also, the number of future users, i.e. trainees, trainers and their needs. The current organization’s technological capabilities hold great significance.

Why you should choose us

  • Ideo Agency - 180 experts onboard

    180 experts onboard

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    Trust of over 1000 Clients

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    IT Outsourcing experience

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    We build on Open Source

And last but not least. Projects that we create receive many awards and distinctions. So clearly, we do it right!


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