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Distance Learning uses the latest computer-aided means and its most engaging features. This makes distance learning more effective and more enjoyable for learners. This form of education also allows you to quickly verify gained knowledge.

Paweł Teper
Paweł Teper
eLearning & LMS expert

We design bespoke distance learning platforms based on our authorial Edito CMS system. It has all the functionalities to effectively teach online. The platform is compatible with the SCORM training format. We could also integrate it with the platforms currently used by the company (e.g. intranet, HR systems etc.)

We offer both a basic e-learning system and an bespoke, extensive Learning Management Systems. We also offer support in the creation and proper preparation of educational materials. We provide services from content editing to interactive multimedia presentations and assistance in developing knowledge verification tests.

We help our clients in the entire strategic e-learning planning process. We analyze the situation of each client, share our experience, propose solutions, and indicate advantages and challenges. We help in the preparation of a coherent and effective learning strategy.

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We have implemented e-learning tools for:

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Webinars and video conferences

Implementation of training or even all-day conferences in real-time audio + video format is a perfect extension of a standard e-learning platform. This possibility naturally complements the static transfer of materials "for self-preparation". In many situations, this is also the only form of "personal" knowledge transfer.

Any device with Internet access is enough to start video transmission, learn, consult, and even interview participants in a face-to-face or “in front of the class” videoconference. The possibility of sharing a virtual whiteboard or running tests and surveys during the meeting makes it an ideal solution for both distance learning and extensive online training and conferences.

Some of the useful functions during video conference are:

  • the possibility of presenting or share (as files for download) previously developed material,
  • creating a virtual board that enables interactive collaboration of all students,
  • desktop sharing to explain more complicated issues,
  • the ability to turn on the mode of asking questions, or use an interactive chat,
  • easy configuration of questionnaires and tests for automatic evaluation of students' knowledge,
  • extensive reports and summaries (customizable to user needs).

You could also record the whole or part of the webinar / videoconference. It gives the participants possibility to return to the topics in the future.

Edito E-learning ensures greatest simplicity of conducting a video conference. For you, the most important is to attract the attention of listeners and transfer valuable knowledge. Technical issues leave to us.

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Modules such as Training, Video Conferences, Webinars, Tests, Surveys, Reports, Forum, Calendar, Users, or Newsletter are the most important elements of the Edito E-learning platform.

It meets the needs and expectations of most customers thanks to the combination of simple use with extensive possibilities. For more demanding customers, we can customize the platform and design dedicated modules that will freely expand its capabilities.

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Improving the teaching process

Nowadays, the value of a company increasingly depends on the knowledge and intellectual capital of its employees. Maintaining a top level of employee knowledge is one of the key factors of success. Distance learning is an ideal solution for companies that want to efficiently raise employee competences.

eLearning is an excellent "extra" element, and sometimes an alternative to traditional training. It enables learning at a high level, available anywhere and anytime.

A significant number of companies are already using or planning to use an e-learning platform soon. It is becoming one of the most popular knowledge management tools. You could independently choose the preferred format of knowledge transfer and the rate of it. It effectively complements traditional teaching in the form of blended courses.

  • Efficient employee training

    Efficient training

  • Complete and powerfull LMS

    Complete and powerfull LMS

  • Supports SCORM training

    SCORM Support

  • Control the learning process

    Control the process

  • Integrate with other HR systems

    Integrate with HR systems

E-learning can improve many educational functions both in public institutions, educational units, corporations as well as in small businesses. Examples of use:

  • support for traditional forms of teaching in didactic units,
  • providing extensive knowledge on selected topics through state institutions,
  • familiarizing the new employee with the rules and standards prevailing in the company,
  • quick transfer of complete knowledge about new products to employees scattered over a large area,
  • conducting certified trainings for clients.

Distance Learning benefits

eLearning tailored to your Business

Designing an e-learning platform requires proper preparation and detailed analysis of the clients' goals, needs, and real expectations.

It is worth analyzing the current processes related to improving competences in the organization, the number of future users (both those who will take part in the training and the managerial staff responsible for training their teams) and their needs. The current technological capabilities of the organization are also important.

The analysis of sample functional modules may help in determining the expectations of the platform. The customer can choose the modules, which are suitable for him, or order the design and implementation of a module dedicated to their needs.

Training materials

Even the best e-learning platform without substantive content is just a bunch of code. To maximize the value of our platforms, we can also develop valuable course materials. We adapt your ones or develop new, dedicated to your organization's training needs.

Our project team consists of people with training and teaching experience. Thanks to this, we develop course materials that not only arouse interest but also support effective remembering and learning.

We also often recruit external experts specializing in the area of a particular project. Based on the substantive input provided by them, we design lessons and other teaching materials adapted to the platform. In order to maximize the effectiveness of the learning process, the materials we have developed include dynamic animations, various quizzes, tests, or surveys.

Depending on the client's needs, we are able to take responsibility for preparing appropriate materials. Our experience allows us to significantly shorten the time needed to develop the content. This form of cooperation brings numerous benefits to customers.

  • Professional training material that will bring real results in the form of gained knowledge.
  • Materials are adapted to different target groups and each group of participants can use interesting them form.
  • Optimization of the content and possibility to enrich it with solutions such as animations, quizzes, tests, and surveys.
  • The highest quality of the prepared training, in accordance with the best teaching standards.

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  • Ideo Agency - 180 experts onboard

    180 experts onboard

  • We work in SCRUM, Agile, Prince 2, IPMA

    SCRUM, Agile, Prince 2, IPMA

  • Trust of over 1000 Clients

    Trust of over 1000 Clients

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And last but not least. Projects that we create receive many awards and distinctions. So clearly, we do it right!


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