Moodle LMS

"The Most Popular Learning Management System"

Moodle is an educational platform used in over 230 countries around the world. It enables o train over 185 million users. Teachers, administrators and students use to learn in a safe environment. In addition, it promotes high personalization to enhance the positive educational experience to all users.

Paweł Teper
Paweł Teper
eLearning & LMS expert

Moodle is an Open Source e-learning platform, which has been developing for over 20 years. The active community engages and supports the platform’s fate. They care for the platform’s high level of security and introduce the latest technologies.

The platform has a wide variety of options to choose from, i.e. the rich plugin database. It also gives access to many graphic templates and add-ons you can install or even create your own. All this allows you to personalize the platform according to your needs. Moodle integrates with almost 120,000 educational platforms. It gives access to over 21 million courses while training 185 million users. These are individual customers and public institutions (e.g. schools, city councils, universities). In addition, private companies make it available to their employees.

The Moodle database will impress you. It includes training courses from many disciplines and fields. Personalization possibilities ensure that you can adapt it to very specific needs.

A wide spectrum of features is the reason Moodle is so successful. Users value high personalization options. The tools also help you control your progress and cooperate with other users.

Moodle gives access to the following features:

  • Own Moodle account and account selection (teacher, user, administrator, others).
  • Option to customize the courses’ appearance via templates.
  • User’s personalized dashboard.
  • Own calendar (for adding several event types).
  • A powerful file manager, which you can expand by integration with Cloud services (such as OneDrive, Dropbox or Google Drive).
  • An intuitive text editor (supports multimedia files: photos, images) and works on all devices.
  • Automatic notifications about new courses, deadlines, new forum posts, publications.
  • Ability to send private messages to other users (chat).
  • Create groups for courses and special group workshops.
  • Various types of educational exercises (15 types of questions).
  • Tools to support learning (Resource database: files, pages, books, video recordings).
  • Track your own learning progress (eg course marks, diary, badges).
  • SCORM LMS integration with external systems. (a tool for managing training within the organization).
  • Regular software updates to maintain security standards.

In addition, you become a part of an engaged Moodle community. Educational tools available on the platform enable to help others while learning.

* Depending on the system version, account type and the permissions’ level granted, the functions in the platform may vary.

Extending the possibilities of Moodle

You can select from about 1,700 plugins, modules, blocks and reports.

Moodle development community is responsible for their daily upgrowth. After daily verification, Moodle introduce all changes and new extensions to the platform. The community also submits new ideas to personalize and adapt the platform to the needs of users. The website data statistics show what features are the most popular among all users. There are e.g. course templates, page layout, customization tools. Also, users apply new types of interactive exercises or integration tools.

If so happens, that you do not find what you need, we can design and implement dedicated extensions.

Knowledge always available

You can use the platform in both online and offline mode. Also, on every device - it does not matter if it is a computer, mobile phone or other mobile devices. This way, all users have access to the platform and are free to increase their skills.

Moodle Desktop.

We can install this version on your personal computer as an application. It is compatible with Linux, MS Windows, Mac OS operating systems. It also runs in web browsers.

Moodle Mobile.

Platform version for mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets. It is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. You can download it from Google Play and the App Store.

Moodle Cloud.

We install the application on the cloud server. Then, it is available from anywhere and on any device with Internet access.

RWD and PWA technologies.

High availability, flexibility and performance results from Progressive Web Application and Responsive Web Design. In this way, you can use it in the web version in a browser on many devices.

Distance Learning in Business

Most companies already use or plan to implement an e-learning platform.

Distance learning is becoming one of the most popular and frequently implemented tools in enterprises, called knowledge management. It improves many educational functions in public and educational institutions, corporations as well as small businesses.

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