"We all like to play and compete with others"


  • Strengthen the motivation of the team

    Motivate the team

  • Build brand awareness

    Build brand awareness

  • Improve internal communication

    Improve internal communication

  • Motivate employees

    Motivate employees

  • Affordable costs

    Affordable costs


Engage and motivate

Gamification is nowadays one of the most effective tools for engaging and motivating employees, clients or business partners.

The platform offered by us is a system supporting a business gamification management. It provides flexible and full adjustment of all components, depending on company’s needs, which influences high efficiency of the solution. The platform integrates with any internal system such as intranet, e-learning, Call Center, CRM or sales platforms through API.

The system offers unique possibilities thanks to which companies can reward a wide selection of activities, including engagement, an increase in the efficiency of internal training, improvement in communication, an increase in sales, improvement of quality, safety and comfort at work.

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Games and competitions

Employees’ engagement rises when competition is based on interesting games that guarantee fun at the same time. Our experience in creating games and competitions allows to create ideas that are adjusted to a business topic or context. Clear rules, adjustment to a target group or defined duration of the competition are only a few examples in which you can determine even the smallest details.


Missions are short and the tasks are relatively simple and varied in nature (qualitative, quantitative, business or operational). A mission can be obligatory or require acceptance by an employee. Each participant of competition needs to carry out assigned tasks. An admin can define:

  • A type of mission: business, operational, training, qualitative, quantitative
  • Target groups
  • Duration of the mission
  • A type of reward: material prize, basic or status points


Based on the execution of current tasks and missions, participants receive points in accordance with the previously determined scoring system. Then, a user can exchange points for material prizes or can fund gift cards. The way points are charged is configured according to individual preferences of each client. A user can receive points automatically (after completing a task) or they can be frozen and await the employer’s approval.


Badges granted after a task or mission has been completed can be displayed in various forms: stars, cups, energy levels, etc. The process of defining the right badge can be assigned to the parameter that grants a badge (completion of a mission, task or a plan). The system shares graphic designs for selected badges which can be personalized at extra cost.

The ranking, levels and a leaderboard

Rankings and leaderboards are particularly important to participants during the competition. You can define any number of rankings for every category at any time, i.e. “Sales champion”. The system allows to present the leaders and a position of each participant, including achievements and results of individual users.

Prize catalog

The key element of every competition is an effective reward system. The prize catalog prepared by us has the largest online offer on the market, including 30 different categories. The client has complete freedom when it comes to selecting prizes and their value in the program. Additionally, the system offers discount coupons to its participants. There is a possibility to generate dedicated coupons that represent different corporate aspects (a day off or a free lunch).


A report module allows anyone to keep track of participants’ progress. It displays all information regarding the completion of tasks and achievements:

  • Activity in individual tasks, missions, games
  • A number of collected points or badges
  • A ranking spot
  • Sales results

Announcements and notifications

Elastic tools designed by our agency enable to use different forms of communication with participants. Depending on needs and preferences, they include text messages, e-mails, multimedia presentations or online training. It is possible to decide whether a personalized message should reach selected participants or all of them. The extensive communication channel is complemented by a dedicated Call Center system for participants of the program.

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