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  • Web 2.0 compatible

    Web 2.0 compatible

  • Easier content sharing

    Easier content sharing

  • High scalability

    High scalability

  • Easy content management

    Easy content management

  • Integrate with current systems

    Integrate with current systems


In the process of designing portals, we place particular emphasis on ensuring users possibility to impact on published content. Both by rating or commenting, and by providing news, articles, video files, photos or links to other pages. In this way, site fills up with valuable content, thereby creating an online community and using its collective intelligence.

We usually deploy information portals based on Edito CMS (both PHP and .NET versions), our proprietary content management and portal structure platform.

Thanks to the modular structure, we have opportunity to easily adapt the platform to the individual needs and expectations of the customer. Edito has numerous functions to support the editorial work and what is more it is optimized for integration with external applications and IT systems.

One of the most important factor, which impact on the choice of the technology platform is its capability. This is dictated by higher expected number of users compared to standard websites, but also by the necessity to integrate with a few external services and applications.

In the case of refreshing or move existing portals - there is also a need to migrate large volume of data (content, images, etc.) from existing infrastructure.

We have implemented information portals for, among others:

A high-performance platform

"... 6 million unique users generate over 12 million connections and download nearly 44 TB of data per year"
The Statistics of Poland

Our platform’s performance and infrastructure is affected, among others, by:

  • Nginx, which is up to 300% faster than commonly used web servers
  • PHP 7.2, which has approx. 30% higher capability than PHP version 5.6
  • Load Balancer, which balances server load thus increasing the efficiency of the entire infrastructure
  • Performant CLOUD servers and NoSQL databases
  • Dedicated solutions for cache support and graphic elements compaction
  • and many other optimization tools and methods depending on project’s needs

Steady care for the user interface optimization in terms of page loading speed and compatibility with mobile devices, not without significance.

Demo version

In case of information portals modules such as descriptive pages, news, tags, gallery, comments, forum and user accounts are the most important. From the point of editorial work, key elements are high flexibility and multi-level authorization, which  can be given to editors and administrators.

The combination of intuitive use with the possibility of far-reaching personalization has enabled us to create a CMS platform that fulfil expectations of most customers. For the more demanding clients we are able to design and implement dedicated modules that allow to develop platform’s capabilities.

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Check how our Edito CMS platform looks and works.

Social media portals

Online community are all groups of people gathered around a common goal or topic via the Internet. They usually interact with each other by information portals and social networking sites.

Implementing information portals or social networking sites it is worth to put emphasis on the use of advanced technological solutions. It is so crucial, because such websites are inherently massively visited by Internet users. Both the CMS platform and the server infrastructure, which responsible for the maintenance and proper portal’s work must be prepare for periodic spikes of interest reaching up to 1 million visits per day.

Both thematic portals and social networking sites are created in such way to give users opportunity to contribute to their content.

A social networking site allows Internet users to collaborate by commenting, rating, delivering articles, news, video files, photos or links to other sites. Thanks to this, website fills up with content much faster and, using the collective intelligence of virtual users, over time creates a valuable online community.

Custom tailored portals

The process of implementation for this type of projects can be compared to the dedicated applications’ implementations. These are individual solutions that are always created from scratch based on the individual customer’s needs. The main stages of the implementation work are:

  • Analysis of customer needs and expectations. Proper recognise of the client's needs, determination of the target group and identification of project’s objectives is a key step at the stage of project preparation.
  • Functional system project. The document is created in consultation with the client on the basis of information collected during the analysis. The document contains all functionalities with a detailed description of all dependencies, which appears in the designed portal.
  • Implementation, tests, putting into operation. The portal/ virtal is created based on the specifications contained in the functional project. After completing the main implementation part, client and the contractor take part in tests. The website launching is very often the beginning of the next stage of cooperation assuming promotional activities and further development.
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