Loyalty programs

"Pleased customers buy more"


  • Increase in repeat purchases

    Increase in repeat purchases

  • Improve Customer XP.

    Improve Customer XP.

  • Increased security and quality

    Increased security and quality

  • Affordable costs

    Affordable costs

  • Reward customer loyalty

    Reward customer loyalty


We design and implement platforms that support analysis and strengthen customer loyalty.

Our solution can work both publicly available websites and as systems designed for a specific group of clients. They are characterized by simple and intuitive operation for both the administrator and the user, as well as wide adaptability.

A properly developed strategy and a tailored to user’s needs loyalty/motivational program allow you to increase sales of products or services while reducing the cost of promotion and advertising.

We can help you boost your sales

The simplest example of a loyalty program, is a system of collecting points with every purchase made, then exchanging these points for discounts, freebies or to offer special customer treatment.

Reward programs offer additional benefits or gifts for customers who purchase more and entice potential customers to your products or services. It could be free merchandise, coupons or even an advanced release of products. A small increase in customer retention can lead to an enormous increase in profit for your company.

Effective loyalty programs

The "Coffee Club" program get distinction in two categories "The best loyalty program / activities in services (B2C)" and "The best new loyalty program / activities of the year 2018".

Loyalty Awards is an annual plebiscite that awarded the best solutions on the market. It takes place as part of Poland & CEE Customer Loyalty Summit. The jury award prizes and distinctions in 6 categories, it is group of professionals responsible for relationship management and building loyalty.

As we monitoring growing market interest in sales, which supports programs for business (loyalty and motivational), we have decided to create the company: Motivation Direct. It specializes in implementing effective sales, loyalty and motivational programs. It is based on Ideo's many years of experience and technical know-how.

Ziemowit Michno, Vice President of the Board, Ideo Sp. z o.o.


In Blikomania lottery we have created a system that supports users’ registration in draw and selection of winners. During the entire action, we provided technical support for the project. Motivation Direct was responsible for the organizational area.

Blikomania was one of the largest promotional lotteries in Poland with a total value of 1,000,000 PLN.

Use professional tools

The Motivation Direct internet platform is equipped with a number of tools that facilitate the planning and management of an motivational program. Most importantly - they help to effectively retain consumers and encourage them to repeat purchase.

Motivation Direct received a distinction in the Financial Times FT1000 2018 ranking and Technology Fast 50 by Deloitte, thus achieving the status of the fastest growing representative of the loyalty and motivation in business in Europe! The company was also among the winners of the prestigious Forbes Diamonds and Business Gazelles rankings.

We have implemented loyalty programs for:

The loyalty platform has a modular design, which allows you to select only the necessary components and use them only to the extent required. It enables to optimize the costs of implementation and the loyalty system’s service. Importantly - thanks to this structure, it is possible to easily expand system with additional solutions dedicated to the customers’ needs.

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What can you reward?

The simplest example of a loyalty program is the system of collecting points for each purchase, and then exchanging them for prizes. But it can also be various types of discounts, point or mixed programs. In addition, attractive lotteries and competitions are organized in which the winners receive prizes.

Depending on your needs, you can choose how the program participants will be rewarded. It is worth familiarizing with each of the available scoring mechanisms and choose one, which suits to your company's sales policy. What are the most common types of award-winning activities?

  • Implementation of quality tasks, e.g. appropriate preparation of the shop exhibition.
  • Registration of codes.
  • Completing surveys or quizzes.
  • Each individual (or implemented as part of a set) sales unit.
  • Level of sales or achievement of the intended target.
  • Recommendation of program participation to clients and/or their subsequent registration in the program.
  • Active participation in e-learning/passing knowledge tests.
  • Participation in competitions and lotteries.
  • Getting the proper place in the sales ranking
  • Other - determined at the program implementation stage.


Benefits of implementation

Trust between customer and brand - is an extremely valuable merit in the business world. Thanks to it, the company gains loyal customers and creates the image of a seller worth recommending. Motivational programs attract and engage users, building brand loyalty. Such activities are appreciated by clients and willingly take part in them. The benefits of the programs are mutual, participants have access to attractive prizes or discounts, and the seller has long-term sales profits.

The biggest benefits of implementing a loyalty program are:

  • Building a positive image.
  • Increased trust in the brand.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • Increase sales.
  • Stimulating the purchase of specific products.

Positive relationship

The idea of implementing a loyalty program is to focus on a long-term marketing plan aimed at building and maintaining a good relationship with your clients. The most frequently used mechanisms are:

  • Discount coupon programs
  • Preferential treatment for your best customers
  • Accumulating points for future purchases
  • Creating events to bring up links with your brand
  • Social corporate responsibility

We ensure that your program will be available on any platform and will size correctly for smartphones, tablets, PCs and other mobile devices. It will always function as intended to provide the best possible user experience.

A program tailored to your needs

Designing effective loyalty programs requires proper preparation. Most often, we start with a preliminary analysis carried out together with the client and detailed analysis of the program’s goals, which need to be achieve. It is also important to know the expectations of program participants, because its effectiveness depends on them.

The stage of cooperation from which we must start is an in-depth assessment of the situation. It includes the analysis of business processes, the number of future program participants and their needs, technologies that can be used, but also a possible project implementation model. If project should bring the expected benefits, we must also confirm the purposefulness of the entire undertaking from a business point of view.

Trusted supplier

Clutch.co is a organization, which analyzes opinions about service companies. What is crucial, all assessments come directly from customers. Based on such opinions, it builds lists of recommended suppliers, making it a reliable source of recommendations.

Our clients appreciate our comprehensive approach to project implementation and business consulting. This is one of the main reasons why we were recognized by Clutch as a leading company creating dedicated software in the area of eCommerce support in Poland.

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    180 experts onboard

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    Trust of over 1000 Clients

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And last but not least. Projects that we create receive many awards and distinctions. So clearly, we do it right!


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