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High sales efficiency is directly connected with good quality services or products.

When you are going to expand distribution channels, it's important to remember about high-quality sales and customer service. It is worth to reach for tools that support us in ensuring this quality.

Adrian Kaczor
Adrian Kaczor
Key Account Manager

Akeneo's Product Information Management platform allows you to achieve a balance between scaling your business and providing high-quality customer service.

It is an OpenSource solution based on Symfony3 technology. The modular structure of the platform allows to efficient and intuitive representation of the company's structure and its internal processes.

Depending on the company’s expectations and needs, the Akeneo platform is available in 3 versions: Community Edition, Enterprise Edition, and Cloud Edition (2 variants: Flexibility SaaS i Serenity PaaS). It is a tool that measurably supports global access to multi-channel sales.

Storage and PIM manager

Akeneo is a tool from the Product Information Management family, whose principal task is product base management. It plays the role of storage and data manager.

It enables manual and automatic data import using .xls (Excel) or .csv files. Akeneo developers have introduced many opportunities to organize a sizeable amount of information. The internal search engine has e.g. smart rules - rules for intelligent search and grouping. This is important and convenient when a company begins its journey in e-commerce or wants to automate sales processes as much as possible.

Besides automatic filters, it is possible to group products according to manually entered rules or categories, and by giving products additional "product variants". We can use also this solution for data export from the platform.

PIM in multi-channel sales

Akeneo supports multi-channel sales and communication according to a unified scheme. Thanks to this users see something that works and look in the same way on any device, 24/7. This translates into a positive user experience and bigger sales.

From an enterprise perspective, the improvement is to manage all information in one place. It is also possible to give different levels of rights to individual employee groups. You can give staff member e.g. the right to use specific platform functions, access, or modify individual resources. Changes, before publication, may require approval by a higher privileged user.

Another part of the platform is Teamwork Assistant. It controls the implementation of tasks related to caring for the image of products at the platform level. It shows the publication progress of the product and its current status. Based on this information, you can plan further activities and assign people who will be responsible for them. In a ‘Changes history’ section, it is possible to track already implemented actions.

It is also worth mentioning Akeneo Onboarder. A digital communication channel between wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers. It helps in getting information about product availability, negotiate proposals, or discuss other cooperation factors.

The highest quality of information

Akeneo uses the Customer experience management approach. It's designed and optimized for the client and his feelings related to the product. Creators also provide excellent quality service while using the platform.

To ensure a positive UX to potential clients, sellers should provide top quality product information. This refers original and adequate graphics, encouraging description, operating instructions, or opinions of other users. To ease caring for it, Akeneo gives, among others, tools such as text and graphic editor. Its interface is friendly and intuitive. PAM Module (Product Asset Manager) allows attractive products presentation. It offers extensive multimedia library, tag management, or product search with photos.

Ask Franklin is an assistant for intelligent product data management. It constantly updates product data using the Franklin Libraries. These 50 million catalogs are analyzed and updated in real-time. Products that have very similar values, it is often a problem to find a proper product or identify a model. To prevent this, Franklin allows you to enter the model or other markings in the search engine. The system gives the possibility to choose automatic product update information or manual changes before posting content.

Customer benefits

  • Top-quality product information - fewer returns and abandoned baskets.
  • Practical digital data manager + easy-to-use text and graphic editor.
  • Built-in communication channel with wholesalers, retailers, and suppliers.
  • The product information database updated in real-time.
  • Possibility of integration with other company’s systems.
  • Saving financial resources related to organizational, promotional, and sales activities.
  • The Platform can be easily develop, and it allows you to use many additional modules.

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  • Ideo Agency - 180 experts onboard

    180 experts onboard

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    SCRUM, Agile, Prince 2, IPMA

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    Trust of over 1000 Clients

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And last but not least. Projects that we create receive many awards and distinctions. So clearly, we do it right!


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