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  • Increase leads and sales

    Increase leads and sales

  • Build brand awarness

    Build brand awareness

  • Improve customer experience

    Improve Customer XP

  • Reduce marketing costs

    Reduce marketing costs


Most buyers look for information about a product or service before contacting the salesperson. Potential clients use websites and friends’ recommendations. Finally, almost 89% of purchasing decisions are made without contact with your sales department. A well-designed and maintained website can increase your sales.

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We offer the implementation of both simple Landing Pages and expanded information platforms. The technologies, we use, offer high flexibility and the ability to edit the structure and content of the websites. Thanks to our hosting management service, we could guarantee efficient operation even with several million page views per day.

We help clients in the process of strategic planning of online presence. We analyze the individual situation and needs of each client. Thanks to this, we use solutions that ensure the highest effectiveness while maintaining a reasonable level of costs.

Designing websites, we use most often our proprietary Edito CMS platform. As an Episerver partner, we also offer implementations based on this .NET platform. Besides, we make implementations based on Open Source platforms, e.g. WordPress.

We have implemented information portals for, among others:

Outstanding websites

We have knowledge and experience that allow us to realize projects at the highest level. This is confirmed by numerous audits and rankings assessing the quality of websites.

Grant Thornton International in its usability audit, recognized the NFZ portal the best in "Administration - state pages" category. In the same category, in a group of "best company pages" appeared the Getin Bank website. In the "Health care" category, Medicover news portal has been awarded.

“Websites created for our Clients have been compared to websites and portals of the largest companies and state institutions. Our presence in such an eminent group and such high marks is undoubtedly confirmation of the top quality of our services" - emphasizes Marcin Wojtoń, Commercial Director at Ideo.

The portal of Polish Central Statistical Office received two Webstar prizes in the "Public Administration" category. In the "Website without Barriers" competition, the the information portal for KRRiT was recognized as the best in the category of websites of public entities.

A high-performance platform

All of our websites are equipped with a structure and content management system. Thanks to this, clients can edit them themselves and keep them up-to-date. Most often, we recommend using our proprietary Edito CMS plattform (Content Management System).

Our platform’s performance and infrastructure is affected, among others, by:

  • Nginx, which is up to 300% faster than commonly used solutions
  • PHP, higher than 7.2, which has approx. 30% higher capability than PHP version 5.6
  • Load Balancer, which balances server load thus increasing the efficiency of the entire infrastructure
  • Performant CLOUD servers and NoSQL databases
  • Dedicated solutions for cache support and graphic elements compaction
  • and many other optimization tools and methods depending on the project’s needs
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Demo version

Modules such as descriptive pages, news, gallery, or contact forms are the most often used components of the Edito CMS system. Key elements of the simple website administration are the intuitive structure of the administration panel and multi-level authorization, which can be given to editors and administrators.

The combination of intuitive use with the possibility of far-reaching personalization has enabled us to create a CMS platform that fulfills the expectations of most customers. For the more demanding clients, we can design dedicated modules that allow to develop platform’s capabilities.

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Check how our Edito CMS platform looks and works. 

Custom tailored pages

We design image, product, corporate, and information websites. We implement each project, taking into consideration the client's needs and expectations. Also, modern design, intuitive and friendly interfaces (UX) are important features.

Investor relations websites

The Warsaw Stock Exchange has developed and presented the Model Investor Relations Service. The websites of listed companies ensure a consistent information policy towards investors. They could be designed as an integral part of an existing website or as an independent project.

Services for public administration

These are various types of official, government, or local government units. Their principal purpose is to communicate with society. When designing, we place special emphasis on readability, intuitiveness, and ease of use. Under the "Act on the digital availability of websites and mobile applications for public entities", they also meet WCAG 2.1 standards.

Services in WCAG 2.1 standard

We design websites under the guidelines of the latest version of WCAG. Each website meets applicable standards and is friendly to disabled people and less skilled users. We not only create but also analyze websites for compliance with WCAG.

RWD - mobile friendly solutions

Responsive Web Design ensures that the website will adapt to any viewing environment, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. It will always display correctly to every potential customer.

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Stages of websites’ creation

We design every website in several stages. Each step is crucial, and thus an individual approach is necessary. Negligence at any of the following stages may cause website malfunction or project failure.

  • Identification of the client's needs.
  • Get acquainted with the customer's competition and their offer.
  • Verifying target group.
  • Development of functional website design.
  • Graphic design implementation based on previous assumptions.
  • Programming and website deployment.
  • Tests/patches and further development.

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  • Ideo Agency - 180 experts onboard

    180 experts onboard

  • We work in SCRUM, Agile, Prince 2, IPMA

    SCRUM, Agile, Prince 2, IPMA

  • Trust of over 1000 Clients

    Trust of over 1000 Clients

  • IT Outsourcing experience

    IT Outsourcing experience

  • We use Open Source platforms

    We build on Open Source

And last but not least. Projects that we create receive many awards and distinctions. So clearly, we do it right!

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