2KC starts cooperation with Ideo Force

2KC is a nutritional supplement that has been known for over 10 years, which helps to cure a hangover.
4 May 2017

2KC is a brand that has been present on the Polish market for more than 10 years. It belongs to the pharmaceutical company COLFARM S.A., based in the Mielec Economic Zone. This diet supplement is probably the most recognizable product of the company).

From February 2017 we have the pleasure of working with COLFARM for some marketing activities, related to the 2KC brand. The project started with a thorough analysis of a customer serviceability. We have worked hard to identify the best possible directions for change that will make it easier for the customer to reach the site and ultimately increase the conversion rates.

For 2KC we carry out activities in the area of Long Tail SEO and part of content marketing tasks. We are convinced that our team's long-term experience and skills will bring measurable benefits to our client” – says Wojciech Szymański, CEO at Ideo Force.

Our main task is to run a Long Tail SEO for 2kc.pl. The goal is to reach the widest possible audience who are interested in a specific topic. More and more often, instead of single phrases, they use a combination of words to find the most relevant results. Thanks to the Long Tail, we can reach them.

In order to achieve our goals we also carry out the SEO copywriting and content marketing activities. We publish articles regularly on the 2KC internal blog (Subpage “Tips”) - providing content necessary for the positioning and interesting for the average user.

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