The system for APC Postal Logistics serves millions of customers

1.5 million people checked the status of their parcel in the last month via our Client's Tracking API system.
27 August 2020

APC Postal Logistics is one of the leaders in the international parcel post. The company consolidates and distributes international parcels, cooperating with thousands of businesses. As a TSA (Transportation Security Administration) certified air cargo control center, the company follows a reliable chain of supervision process to ensure full compliance with national and international regulations.

Rate API and Tracking API supports shipping services around the world.

Thanks to the integration with Rate API, online stores could give detailed cost calculation of a shipment. Only in the last month, Rate API generated almost 100,000. valuations.

Tracking API lets users track the current status of their package. The application currently supports over 1.5 million queries per month.

The technological base of both apps is the efficient Edito .NET Core platform. It works in the AWS cloud, which dynamically allocates resources to ensure the smooth operation of the application.

Soon we are starting the next stage of the project, which involves the integration of other carriers with the client's systems.

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