Audit Grant Thornton – Our clients’ websites highly appreciated

Grant Thornton carried out a comparative audit between public and private institutions in terms of websites’ service usability. Their assessment highly appreciated 3 website projects that we created for our Clients.
17 June 2019

“Public services in digital world” audit aimed to check the level of digitalisation services addressed to citizens in the state and public sector. The Grant Thornton experts took into consideration various criteria to provide an objective assessment. In particular, they reflected upon users’ experience, language level, the service names, accessibility to certain groups or website responsiveness. The audit’s author intention was to compare the already evaluated services to the ones offering quite similar commercial services in order to indicate those improving themselves. Our clients’ websites were acknowledged positively in the following categories: Administration and Health Protection.

Polish National Health Service i.e. NFZ website, designed by our company, was assessed positively in “Administration – public state websites” category. The criteria included such factors as service purpose information, the subsites naming coherence, high graphics quality and the adjustment of service in terms of accessibility. The remaining aspects received a firm note of 9 points. In effect, NFZ website obtained the highest number of points i.e. 93. Project realisation comprised of website design optimised in terms of information architecture and content modelling. Particularly significant was making sure that the users can easily and quickly access the necessary information.

Getin Bank was as well recognised in Administration category. The project obtained 5 highest notes in the following areas: information on the site’s purpose, logically named subsites, optimised website formatting, high-quality graphics and navigational web aids. Those last ones are for example any elements on the website that facilitate users navigating the website. Our client requested us to design and go ahead with the further development of their intuitive web platform allowing to manage several news portals simultaneously. Here, you can learn more about the project: Getin Bank corporate website.

Last but not least, Medicover was awarded in Health Care category among medical service companies. The highest evaluations received language, due to the fact it was comprehensible to recipients, then logically named subsites and in the end its service responsiveness. Our project implementation was based on Edito in .NET technology. The website is itself a health compendium, including several mini tools, yet it is primarily a gateway to easy access to medical services offered to Medicover patients. The monthly rate of page views amounts to 1,8 million. Here, you can learn more about the project: Information portal for Medicover.

Grant Thornton International Ltd is an organisation operating in 120 countries uniting audit-consulting enterprises. In Poland, they are currently a leader among companies in the sector.

Our clients were competing repeatedly with the biggest private enterprises or state institutions. Even though the competition was so vast, our clients managed to find themselves in the circle of highly appreciated participants. We are glad about our clients’ success. Well, to our company Ideo it is, as well, a recognition of our high-quality services and meeting the users’ needs and expectations”. – said Marcin Wojtoń, Sales Director at Ideo Agency.

Any further information concerning the research and report are available on the Grant Thornton website.

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