Central Statistical Office with two "Webstars" for information portal

In the competition for the best websites, portal designed by Ideo received two statuettes.
16 December 2014

In this year's edition of the Webstarfestival competition in the "Public Administration" category, the Central Statistical Office's service received two statuettes. One of them was granted by members of the Academy of Internet, which are mostly representatives of the interactive industry, the other one was granted by Internet users.

In the jubilee, 10th edition of the competition were awarded 37 Webstars, which went to the best websites and creations on the Internet, as well as 3 grand statues - for the Page of the Year, for the best creation and the Man of the Year of the Polish Internet.

In the Public Administration category two prizes were awarded, and both were put in the hands of the agency Ideo, responsible for the design and implementation of the new stat.gov.pl website.

The information portal is comprised of 22 autonomous websites, linked together through a common CMS system into one fully functional whole. Due to the high scalability of the implemented solution, the GUS Group's services visit nearly 6 million unique Internet users every year, generating over 12 million connections simultaneously and downloading nearly 44 TB of data.

The portal is adapted to the requirements of the law concerning, among others BIP systems, while serving commonly accepted accessibility standards, including WCAG 2.0 and RWD. Information portal was implemented in Polish and English. The platform has successfully passed both internal and external (independent company) security tests that guarantee the highest levels of security.

The portal was previously well appreciated by representatives of the interactive industry, who unanimously summarized: "The new GUS website is a technological leap.".

Description of the portal of the Central Statistical Office

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