We carried out a complete reconstruction of the lotto.pl website

Ideo Agency designed from scratch one of the most popular websites in Poland. The Lotto.pl project is all about efficiency, attractive design, and intuitive navigation.
6 October 2020

At drawing time, Lotto.pl is the most visited website in Poland. We had to remember about this during the design work.

The project goal focused on designing an efficient and secure system. One that could handle high website traffic during its peak hours.

As a user, you take part in lotteries or see if there are any new promotions. The game drawing happens every 2 minutes, and you had to have access to the newest results on the website.

Lotto.pl is one of the most popular websites in Poland. During drawings, it has over 100 000 visitors at a time. Its average monthly viewership hits almost 12 million visitors.

We built the website on solid foundations of Edito CMS system in the .NET Core technology. Thanks to the Nuxt.js framework, it improves fast page loading while lowering server load. We applied a highly scalable Microsoft Azure, cloud platform, to keep the data secure, and to manage the data swiftly.

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All the technologies we used had a direct impact on the client's work. With that in mind, we had to make sure everything was working properly while become more optimized.

System performs many tasks automatically thanks to process optimization. For instance, it publishes drawing outcomes on the web along with the total winning amount in Scratch-offs. We have optimized all Lotto games in terms of its operation and improved its visual appeal.

Now, the platform’s architecture provides its users access to a comprehensive, always up-to-date database. They can also enjoy its fresh, modern, and responsive layout via a web browser on a PC or any mobile device.

We migrated a vast volume of archives. Those included all historical drawings and winning results since 1957. You can easily access all the data on the website. The search engine is very intuitive and can help you find any detail you might need.

Full description of the implementation of the lotto.pl website with technical details used in solutions.

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