Dedicated sales platform for Bien-Air Medical Technologie was created using the Magento system. This feature-rich, e-commerce platform allows control over the functionality of the online channel and offers a lot of flexibility in managing products.
31 January 2017

The Swiss brand Bien-Air Dental, offers specialised equipment for dental surgeries, facilitates the daily work of physicians and improves patient comfort.

To cater for the different needs and preferences of customers, we implemented the service in three languages (EN, FR and DE). The portal performs three different functions: sales, image-building and information.

The e-services industry requires specific solutions, therefore, together with the client we decided to implement dedicated functionalities to increase efficiency and simplify the operation of the platform. The website has a mechanism which detects the language of the user, based on geolocation and earlier preferences.

Currently, the platform is used by Swiss and German customers and work is being carried out on adapting the site to cater for 9 other countries.

Sales platform Implementation description

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