"Dobroczyńca roku 2017" Contest

The jubilee, twentieth edition of the "Benefactor of the Year" competition has ended. Ideo Agency was nominated in the category "Strategy of Social Engagement".
30 June 2017

In all 20 editions, nearly 1,700 companies have been nominated for the Benefactor of the Year. On May 29th, the jubilee edition of the Competition was held. During the gala the history and achievements of the project for the idea of corporate social responsibility in Poland were summarized.

"The organizations that took part in the Benefactor of the Year Contest have in many ways defined what charity and corporate social responsibility are for them. We are delighted that all nominees and laureates are matured for this important task" says Agnieszka Nalewajko from EY company, who is the auditor of the Program.

Ideo Agency, since its start, tries to be "fair". Starting with such obvious issues as the legality of software or timely payments, to the activity that supports the development of not just local community. We can mention here cooperation with education, actions supporting the development of employees or charity. More about Ideo Agency's activities undertaken by Corporate Social Responsibility.

The awards are granted to companies that engage socially and support non-governmental organizations. It is the largest such competition in Poland. It promotes socially responsible entrepreneurship, while inspiring other companies to work for the environment. The high rank of the Competition results from 20 years of regular work and commitment of the organizers.

"The beginnings were not easy. When 20 years ago I tried to establish contacts, the entrepreneurs, after hearing the word "philanthropy", hung up their phone. However, it should be remembered that at that time, Polish entrepreneurship started off in a difficult situation. Then it turned out that philanthropy and social responsibility are two attitudes that are eagerly chosen by Polish entrepreneurs. Also there are more and more examples that are worth promoting - showing and rewarding" - said Paweł Łukasiak, President of the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland.

Apart from organizing the competition, the Academy also runs numerous programs and campaigns. It supports local communities, rewarding socially engaged companies, and encourages people to help.

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