Ideo was an organiser for the Public Relations Professionals Congress

As co-organisers of the project, we support it technologically, substantively the initiative and also promote it.
25 April 2016

From the 21st to 22nd of April 2016, one of the most important events in the Polish PR industry - The Congress Public Relations Professionals, took place in Rzeszów.

"Public Relations Professionals Congress is an important event in the calendar for everyone passionate about PR. I am glad that this meeting is so constructive and you can get a lot of practical and essential knowledge. Media relations and events promotion are crucial aspects of the activities of PR. That is why we decided to hold this event, to discuss on this issue and to educate in this field" - said dr Dariusz Tworzydło, originator of PR Congress.

The theme of the sixteenth event was media relations and events promotion. Over 300 people who work in PR, who are business owners or are representatives of public institutions attended the congress. The program of the meeting consisted of lectures, workshops and discussions in the networking area.

In addition to interesting presentations, an important event during the Congress was the premiere of the book “The first quarter century. 25 years of public relations in Poland”. It’s co-author - Dariusz Tworzydło. The publication recounts the history of the Polish PR industry since the early 90's.

On the second day of the Congress Adriana Kuś - New Business Executive at Ideo Force appeared on the stage. She described how to promote the network standard events in a custom way. Congress participants were able to learn what the connection between a psychological thriller and recruitment to a university, and what is more, how to use content marketing in B2B communication. This event was not only essential but also practical because the presentation included campaign examples of company's portfolios with effects and analysis of these actions.

Presentation of the Congress

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