Ideo with 5 Google Partner Premium specialties

Ideo Agency is one of 10 companies in Poland that have all 5 Google Partner Premium specializations. Recently, our employees have also gained Google certificates for designing and optimizing mobile pages.
1 June 2017

Our hard work and experience have met with the recognition of the online giant several times. We have participated in the Google Rising Stars program, we have received the Google Partner Premier status, we have been nominated for the Premier Partner Awards for two years continuously, and now we have completed all 5 specializations, getting Video Ads certification.

Specializations in Google are like scouting skills. Their acquisition requires skills, knowledge and experience. At the same time, they confirm high competencies in the various fields that are important in network marketing. Google Partner Premier status is granted only to selected companies with certified professionals who are running big-budget campaigns and achieving the best results for their clients. It is a form of distinction by Google, the best and recommended agency.

"I am very satisfied with the direction we have been consistently pursuing for years" - says Ziemowit Michno, Vice President of Ideo Agency. "We know the interactive market very well and we are aware that it is constantly evolving and the competition is getting stronger and stronger. We need constantly grow and improve our competencies to provide our customers the highest level of service. Now we can even better help you attract more customers and increase sales."

In 2017, among the certified specialization of Ideo Agency, alongside Advertisements: in the network search, mobile, advertising network and Google Shopping there was also Video ad displayed. This is primarily about knowing how to create, optimize and effectively manage of video campaigns. As a result, the agency has joined a narrow group of companies with both premium status and comprehensive network promotion expertise. Moreover, Ideo Agency's employees have got Google certifications in mobile design and optimization.

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