Kronospan boosts its online sales

Ideo Agency has developed a network of websites that strengthen Kronospan's position in the furniture and construction industries, support sales and improve cooperation with contractors.
7 May 2021

The current market situation makes companies recognize how powerful modern IT solutions are if you use them as a better connection with customers. The online sales channel is the only ‘place’ to meet with your brand. Kronospan is an excellent example of exercising the digital approach. They reach out to customers and meet their needs and expectations. To do so, they have launched a web services network. The launch itself brought on several positive side effects. For one, Kronospan’s position in the furniture and construction industry became prominent.  

Also, the new web services strengthened the company’s image, its digital brand presence among all customers. While the products promote themselves and sell on their own, the company is gaining a powerful community of supporters. There are architects, designers, and carpenters who work side-by-side to create unique and top-quality projects for potential customers.

The main website,, was to reflect our brand and present the entire products’ catalog. Our offer is very vast: we sell furniture, construction materials, and interior accessories. The idea of a ‘place’ where the customers could see items led us to design a brand-new online platform. One to connect us with individual and business clients (incl. designers and architects and carpenters). The shift in our customers’ expectations, their buying habits, has driven us to build a professional online store that would reach everyone in Poland - says Małgorzata Szady, E-commerce Manager at Kronospan.

The project implementation comprised 4 websites: 

Kronospan one administration panel

We have combined several features to make the web services intuitive and easy to use for customers and platform administrators. All sites operate under one simple content management platform - Edito CMS. It facilitates and speeds up managing the web content within the entire network.

All company content (incl. multimedia materials and files) we have divided into categories for design specialists and individual platform use. Edito CMS has a full-text search engine with hints display and advanced filters. The combination makes it much easier to find any content that interests you. The page layout is simple and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Thanks to that you can easily navigate within the administration panel. Also, it reflects the top-quality products and brand’s image.

All Kronospan websites contain special Inspiration sections where you see the full range of interior arrangement options. Individual customers can feel positively overwhelmed by the countless possibilities, design, and create their dream home living space.

By implementing such digital IT solutions, the customers get excellent Digital XP, while the e-commerce sale is gaining its momentum.

So far, working with Ideo showed us, we have made an excellent decision. Their extensive experience, team spirit, and proactive consulting approach during the project made sure the overall implementation was a success - says Małgorzata Szady.

All the services we have developed together bring joy and satisfaction to our clients. We receive a lot of positive feedback. Again, by choosing Ideo as our IT supplier, we hit the bull’s eye. 

Among interesting tools, users find a product comparison engine. For instance, they can compare products by specifying their dimensions, colors, or other attributes. It spares customers a lot of work while it is showing Kronospan’s rich product catalog. Also, the customers may use all ideas they find on the Kronospan websites in the Inspirations section. Or view the catalog, watch instructional videos and read FAQ. To make the websites more interactive, we included a Floor Configurator. Users can choose a product, upload their room and preview the design. All done on the website. To find out where are the closest Kronospan distributors, users access the Strefa Płyt network.

To support all the web network services we applied the administrative platform Edito CMS. By combing its high IT flexibility and efficient technology stack for web hosting, we guarantee all web services will load quickly and operate well. We also made sure they are highly accessible and work on mobile devices.

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