Loyalty Awards prize for Costa Coffee

The “Coffee Club” was recognized in two categories: „The best loyalty programme / activities in services (B2C)” and „The best new loyalty programme / activities of the year 2018”.
12 April 2019

The Loyalty Awards plebiscite is held every year as part of the Poland & CEE Customer Loyalty Summit, which is a major loyalty community event in Poland. Relationship management and loyalty-building professionals grant awards in 6 different categories. This year, as many as two statuettes were awarded to our customer, Costa Coffee.

Motivation Direct is responsible for designing the program mechanism and then its constant maintenance. “Coffee Club” is all about users gathering coffee beans collections, which are being granted for various activities. Those may include making a purchase, recommending a cafe to a friend et cetera. Following, the collected Costa points can be exchanged for attractive price discounts or free coffee vouchers. Ideo Agency was responsible for creating a platform that would support the loyalty program. Our tasks involved, among others, transfer of existing users’ accounts to a brand new platform followed by further integration with the fiscal cash registers found in all Costa Coffee cafes. The advanced analytical mechanisms, applied within the platform, allow to prepare personalised offers for each and every customer in the program.

Change of loyalty program platform from plastic cards to a mobile application was a good step towards novelty-driven and standard customers. The implementation made the program more attractive and much easier to use” summed up Karol Dragan, Digital & loyalty project manager at Costa Coffee Poland.

Ideo, being involved in the project, highly values recognition in The best loyalty program / activities in services (B2C) category. This award proves the know-how demonstrated by our specialists while undertaking the Cost Coffee venture.

In the project, .NET Core platform was applied to support devising new applications whereas Vue.js libraries were to assist in designing the new interactive website elements. The application of Continuous Delivery ensures that the platform is efficiently published and updated. This specific programming practice significantly shortens the whole process and makes our work easier. We provide technical support for the application at all times.” said Krzysztof Kawalec, IT Director at Ideo Agency.

The Loyalty Awards ceremony took place on the first day of Customer Loyalty Summit 2019, on the 11th of April in Cracow, Poland.

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