Modern intranet platform for Provident Poland SA

The result of the collaboration between Ideo and one of the leading loan companies in Poland, is an effective intranet platform.
16 December 2016

For Provident Polska S.A., we created a dedicated system for internal communication. This challenging project included the development of a new information architecture and implementation of more than 40 functionalities. Most of them were adapted to work specifically for Provident Polska S.A.

„Before starting any work, we thoroughly reviewed how the current internal communication system works and examined its needs. An example of this would be a functionality called „storage”. This tool allows employees to exchange large files which are typically too large to send via corporate e-mail" - says Igor Żytka from Provident Polska.

The main objective of our task was to create a modern intranet platform, which will facilitate the process of resource management, communication between employees and increase their involvement within the company. One of the pressing needs was to improve the flow of information between Provident and counsellors who co-work with the company. The platform has a special space dedicated precisely to this group. The advantage of this implemented solution is to reduce or eliminate the need for traditional meetings or phone calls by accessing the required documents online. This greatly simplifies and speeds up communication between the Customer Services Advisors and the company.

Thanks to the newly implemented platform, Provident employees receive advanced solutions for the daily use of the knowledge base and benefit from the efficient flow of information within the corporation. Analysis conducted by the company shows that the involvement of employees using the intranet has increased by 2.5 times, and each of them has gained 15 minutes per week..

Description of the implementation: Modern communication platform for Provident Polska

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