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The opinions of our specialists can be read on the biggest portals in Poland i.e. NowyMarketing.pl, Mediarun.com and Wirtualnemedia.pl.
31 January 2017

The beginning of a new year is conducive to all kinds of summaries and forecasts, particularly in the variable new technology industry. For marketers, this is a time not only for the verification of achieved objectives and planning of new challenges, but also to reflect on the reality that surrounds us.

SEM / SEO Summary

Wojciech Szymanski, CEO of Ideo Force Sp. z o.o, for NowyMarketing.pl portal rated the condition of the SEM industry:

„There is a noticeable presence in the multitude of small businesses offering SEM. On one hand, they spoil the market by underestimating the valuation and not fulfilling the terms of an agreement. Looking at it from the other side, when a dissatisfied customer comes to a large reliable agency, they appreciate the experience and effective results achieved".

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Summary of the marketing industry

For Wirtualnemedia.pl and Mediarun.com, Łukasz Szymański, Head of Marketing and PR at Ideo Sp. z o.o. wrote:

„From year to year the marketing industry is getting better. Clients (and ad agencies) attitude towards advertising definitely has changed. Certainly, often responsible for it is a larger budget. Although we prefer to believe that it is mainly about greater customer confidence".

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„For me, the year 2016 in this regard, was dominated by the phenomenon that was - Pokemon Go. Not because it was a good or bad game, but because Pokémon has become an inspiration for me, as it showed the power that lies in engaging people who were willing to learn and embrace new technologies".

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Mobile Summary

We asked Marcin Lipiec, Project Manager at Ideo Sp. z o.o. for a summary of the Mobile industry. His statement includes, among others, an assessment of the campaign conducted by the portal OLX.pl which is showing great popularity.

„The leading idea was to show that the application can be used by everyone, anywhere. According to research conducted by the company, up to 21% of users are using this app in the toilet, which is also reflected in a television ad".

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