Over 12 years of cooperation with Śnieżka

For Ideo Agency customer satisfaction is one of the determinants of success. Confirmation of this fact is for example long-term cooperation with many of them.
18 September 2017

Cooperation with Śnieżka has started 12 years ago. The result of this partnership is, for instance, the original Electronic Document Management System (DMS) Logito. Although the decade has pas passed since the implementation of the system, it is still up-to-date and fulfills users expectations efficiently. It is all because of the system's modernization by both sides of this cooperation.

"Creating new modules was caused by the need to organize areas like incoming, internal and outgoing documents. Most often the ideas were created by workers themselves. They showed us what they expect from this program and what should be implemented (business trips, employee profiles, warranty service center, calendar)." - says Michał Szuszka, Director of IT in Śnieżka S.A.

Created by Ideo Agency, Logito platform, was shaped in close cooperation with Śnieżka employees. By thoroughly listening to their needs, we created functions which optimized taken actions and enabled a clear, fast and secure document workflow in the company. The main goal was to maintain the system as intuitive as possible.

"In such complex projects employees' competencies are very important. On both sides, we have teams which know their part of the job and know what they want. In such a long period of co-operation, a high degree of mutual understanding has arisen, which resulted in the efficient realization of the platform." - notes Marcin Wojtoń, Client Service Director, Ideo Agency.

The platform, which was built from scratch for the Śnieżka needs, has 24 modules now. Because of its flexibility, it co-operates without any problems with 6 other IT as well as external systems used in the company. Every day there are 150 employees simultaneously working on our platform. So far they processed over 584 000 of official letters, cases or inquiries.

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