We have become Pimcore Silver Partner

Nowadays, customers expect unique eCommerce solutions. They demand a faster and more convenient shopping experience. The multifunctional Pimcore platform is the answer to these needs.
26 August 2021

PIM platforms (Product Information Management), combine many areas related to sales. Both from the customer and e-commerce owner level.

By implementing PIM, sellers receive an integrated and convenient tool that positively influences increasing conversion, reducing costs and comprehensively supporting promotional activities.

In turn, customers are provided with convenient shopping, always up-to-date product information and a well-thought-out and comfortable User Experience.

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The dynamics of growth in the e-commerce industry was particularly visible last year. Online shopping must guarantee a positive experience and as closely as possible meet high expectations of a growing number of consumers. PIM platforms are the direction in which particularly large online stores should develop. Thanks to them, managing the offer becomes more convenient and, at the same time, less time-consuming. What is more, consumer experience grows in." - Anna Wolanin, e-commerce specialist in Ideo.

Our specialists are aware of developing trends. We are happy to advise our clients on tools and methods that allow them to optimize and develop their businesses. We strive to provide the highest quality services, especially in dynamically growing areas such as e-commerce. For this reason, we are constantly expanding our competences, as evidenced by the acquisition of the PimCore Silver Partner title.

The certificates obtained in the PimCore Academy confirm the competences obtained during training related to the design, implementation and daily maintenance of the PimCore platform.

Every such course is a valuable source of knowledge for us. Due to them, we not only develop ourselves, but also have a real impact on the quality of the services we offer. Thanks to the PimCore certificates obtained, we can understand the potential of the system even better, easily create our own solutions and extensions and gain knowledge on how to conduct sales more effectively. These are values desired by many vendors because they gain not just an implementer, but a business partner who supports their growth." - Dawid Mądry, Project Manager & PimCore Consultant in Ideo.

The following certificates have been obtained recently: PimCore Consultant and PimCore Junior Developer (x3) certificates as a result of the active participation of our specialists in PimCore Academy. They confirm our knowledge and experience in the implementation and development of the PimCore platform.

One of the examples is the implementation of PimCore for Air-Com Pneumatyka-Automatyka - a producer and distributor of power pneumatic components and devices. The project assumed, incl. creating a B2B platform, which we combined with PimCore, that in effect strengthened the client's online sales. Additionally, it improved and unified the management of products and product data. In the case of the customer, the automation of these processes was crucial, as the store offers over 400,000 articles divided into about 40 main categories. Currently, the set of attributes and features of each product is downloaded from Pimcore and displayed on the customer's sales platform.

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