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6 December 2016

The portal for companies www.msp.money.pl published an article "Human Resources in the cloud. How to use cloud computing in HR”. The material is the result of cooperation between editorial staff from leading companies within the IT industry, including Ideo. There is a positive opinion regarding the benefits of implementing e-learning systems expressed Paweł Teper, our e-learning Projects Manager.

„We do not have to rent training rooms, hire teachers, print textbooks or pay for transport, accommodation and catering. This is particularly important if you wish to train employees in geographically dispersed companies” - sums up Paweł Teper, e-learning Projects Manager at Ideo.

„Online courses can be taken at any time, and employees do not have to interrupt work or waste time commuting to training facilities. As a result, employees do not get frustrated that they must undertake additional duties ek” - says Paweł Teper, Ideo. - „Everyone has access to the actual knowledge base and can use it at a convenient time” - dodaje.

We invite you to read: „Human Resources in the cloud. How to use cloud computing in HR”

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