Corporate Social Responsibility

"We are responsible for our actions."

Every day we try to be a socially responsible company. We work for charity and meet the needs of our employees and clients. We participate in activities that benefit others, widens knowledge and gives immense satisfaction.

First, we take care of our employees. We care about values such as respect, fairness, development, compliance with laws and ensuring security. We believe that being a responsible and friendly employer can also influence the satisfaction of our clients.

We also care about the environment in which we operate. Through paying local taxes and creating jobs, we support the economy in our region. Over the last 17 years, Ideo has evolved from a small two-people company into a thriving company which currently employs more than 180 specialists.

Our employees and their families

We provide a comprehensive suite of employee benefits. We subsidise training courses and regularly meet as an informal group because we like spending time together. We conduct regular training connected with safety and work ergonomics, and we implement procedures to reduce the physical and psychological risks associated with computer work.

We also take care of our employees' families. We are in regular contact with employees on maternity leave or child care, informing them about company news, and on the arrival of a baby, we like to give a layette. Every year we organise events dedicated to families, among them, are Children's Day and Pre-Christmas Workshops.

Share our knowledge

We organise and also take part in numerous conferences, both as speakers and participants because we like sharing and expanding our knowledge. Participation in conferences is for us the opportunity to exchange experiences with other practitioners and to broaden our horizons. We try to share our knowledge with a wide audience, and also have a number of media publications.

Together with the publisher, we organise Public Relations Professionals Congress. It is one of the most important events of the Polish PR industry. We support it technologically and substantively, and also help in promoting the event.

We actively participate in numerous job fairs, so we have the opportunity to meet directly with job seekers. It is also an excellent opportunity to see the current trends and needs of potential employees.

We promote a healthy lifestyle

We like sport because it adds energy, improves concentration, strengthens motivation and influences well-being.

We have several sports teams from which we are very proud. In Ideo you can find football lovers, running or cycling. Bike enthusiasts in Ideo are putting on more and more ambitious goals. They have recently traveled from Rzeszow to Gdansk. Almost everyone runs, also the board.

Take care of education

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience, especially with young people who will soon be entering into the IT market. It gives us great satisfaction if we are able to teach them something interesting from our success (but also from our errors). That is why we cooperate with numerous schools and universities. Among them are…

  • The University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów
  • Power Engineering School Complex in Rzeszów
  • Tischner European University in Krakow
  • PWSZ University in Krosno
  • Rzeszów University of Technology
  • University of Rzeszów

One example of our educational initiative is the Subcarpathian web.Master contest, which is supported by Ideo. We are the technology partner of the event and involved in its promotion. One of the contest organisers is the Power Engineering School Complex with whom we have been collaborating with for several years. One of the tangible results of our combined work is the Ideo class - a dedicated teaching profile for students who are preparing for a technician profession.

Work for charity

Since the very beginning, we have been trying to support public organisations, foundations and associations. All forms of help for those who are in need, are an important part of our business. If by doing something we know can help others - we are willing to take part in it. Among the organisations that are supported by us, the following are worth mentioning:

  • "Bliźniemu swemu..." foundation to Aid Society of Saint Albert
  • National Charity Action "Okruszek"
  • Śnieżka foundation "Twoja Szansa"
  • Together with BPH TFI we support Fantazja children's foundation

Protect the environment

While creating our workplace, we tried to make our office as energy efficient as possible. We also encourage our employees to be environmentally conscious. We are working to build awareness about good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, and by introducing the IdeoAktywni program, we encourage our employees to have an active and healthy life.

Through our products, we realise the principles of sustainable development, e.g. The LOGITO platform, which enables our customers to reduce the number of printed documents significantly. In this way, we contribute together to reduce the demand for paper and in turn, the cutting of trees.

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