IDEA Global Accelerator

"IDEA Global Accelerator connects startups with corporations".

The project combines the needs of large corporations with the potential of novice, creative entrepreneurs. The main aid of the accelerator is to support at least 20 startups and implement their solutions in large companies. The project is implemented within Start In Poland program. This is the largest such program in Central and Eastern Europe.

IDEA Global Accelerator built a wide network of partners. Among them are large companies but also universities, investment funds and business environment institutions. Their representatives and Ideo’s experts form a team of business practitioners. Each of them has scored a number of successes, but also learned a lot from the failures.

In the process of acceleration young companies not only receive financial assistance (up to 200 000 zł), but most of all, the resources necessary for the development and testing their solutions. In addition, startups will receive permanent access to high-class mentors, business partners and potential investors, as well as a chance to gain experience and build a network of contacts. Participation in the project also increases the credibility and ensures the promotion of the brand among a wide group of corporations (as a potential customers).

On the other hand, corporations gain a partner who after analysing their needs will support them in the process of search and selection of innovative startups. Accelerator is also responsible for the preparation of selected projects for the efficient implementation and testing in the structure of the company. The main objective is the creation of the environment of mutual symbiosis, which will benefit to both corporations and young entrepreneurs.

"Do you have an innovative business idea, that you have already started to implement? Do you believe that this is a great product, that will rock the market and in a few years it will be used by companies all over the world? IDEA Global offers assistance in its development, expert consulting and testing solutions directly with potential customers. Within the cooperation with the current corporate partners we invite startups which operate in the areas: Internet of Things, Healthcare, Automotive, FinTech, Insurtech."

Daniel Dereniowski, Board Advisor for startups at Ideo Sp. z o.o.

The project, that will last until February 2018, is to create an accelerator program for technology startups – IDEA Global.

The aim of the program is to accelerate at least 20 business projects in two acceleration rounds, culminating with the implementation of technology / collaboration with large project partners. The additional goal is to create an environment around the accelerator and to develop recognition, reputation and trust for the program.

Accelerator' activities for technological startups include:

  • Supporting startups in the fast development of business products
  • Creating "creative space" that attracts new people, ideas, institutions, mentors and investors,
  • Building a strong technological community around the accelerator,
  • Creating cooperation networks with business environment: institutions, large companies and financial institutions,
  • Promoting an accelerator as a place where business ventures are built and developed increases the value of a city, a region, and even in some cases, a country.

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Operational Programme.

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