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Karieraplus.pl, 08.02.2017r. Author: Gabriela Grata
8 February 2017

The paper CV era is slowly coming to an end. Digitization has also made significant changes in the labor market. Among other things, in the way of communication between the employer and the candidate. What seemed impossible 20 years ago becomes a reality. Currently, the selection of employees, the easiest to define as a human fit for work, takes place in social media.

Gabriela Grata, Marketing Specialist at Ideo Sp. z o.o. has prepared an article that was published on Karieraplus.pl website. It discusses topics such as: the image of the employee on the network, how to care for him, why it is important to care for a good image.

The author also describes how important are properly prepared profiles on portals such like Linkedin.

The original article can be read here: http://www.ideo.pl/firma/o-nas/nasze-publikacje/daj-sie-znalezc-pracodawcy,85.html

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