Research and development

"We create innovative solutions to support the development of the world."

From the beginning, we’ve put a great deal of work into the field of R&D. Its practical aspect is the development of applications which can have an impact on improving our daily life and health.

Krzysztof Kawalec
Krzysztof Kawalec

Our architects and developers have knowledge and experience in developing specialised software and applications for key sectors of the economy.

To strengthen our competencies, we also have close contact with science specialists in the fields of medicine, finance and artificial intelligence. This cooperation has already resulted in many valuable projects.


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Examples of projects


Business Intelligence

We have extensive experience in the implementation of e-commerce projects. We can collect information from both information systems as well as external files. Big Data Repositories (data warehouses) allow us to build models or perform predictive analysis. This allows for the optimisation of business processes and generating business outcomes. We forecast sales and their variables e.g. the weather, rotation of goods in the warehouse or to classify counterparties into CRM systems. Clients gain a competitive advantage because we enable them to make decisions under conditions of lower risk.

Diagnosis of arteriovenous fistula

We created a telemedicine app dedicated to people affected by kidney disease. It allows users to remotely check the status of an arteriovenous fistula using access to the Internet and a mobile phone. Our proprietary diagnostic system based on a neural network, analyses the spectrum of the acoustic signal by using, among others, the syntax of mathematical algorithms and databases of modelled samples of normal and pathological characteristics. The application supports the work of a medical specialist by allowing patients to carry out their own basic verification of fistula and its condition.

Speech impediment diagnosis

We developed a website, which can be used to diagnose the primary treatment of speech impediments. The platform’s engine is a specialised diagnostic system which analyses the spectrum of an audio signal using a mathematical algorithm. The application uses the Web Speech API - a mechanism for speech recognition in real time. As a complement to the mechanism, we also made 20 games in Flash technology, which allow users to practice pronunciation to compensate for imperfections.


Diagnosis and therapy of auditory processing disorders

We have implemented a platform for remote diagnosis and treatment of children who have difficulty with understanding speech in noisy environments, or in rooms with high reverberation. The system was built based on algorithms prepared in collaboration with Andrzej Senderski MD. The platform APD-Medical contains different types of tests such as ASPN (Adaptive Speech in Noise), ASPN dichotic, DLF (Difference Limen for Frequency) and FPT (Frequency Pattern Test).


Weather forecast for meteoropathy

Our engineers have created a system that monitors the current development of weather forecasts based on the proprietary algorithms covering almost 30 variables. The forecast includes precise indications and statistics for more than 2,000 locations across Poland. The application informs users who are sensitive to weather changes, which alleviate the negative impact that certain weather conditions may cause. The forecast is available via the web, e-mail, mobile applications and SMS. The system received a positive opinion from Professor Krzysztof Błażejczyk - a leading specialist in Poland in the field of biometeorology.

Financing innovation

We are aware that innovative projects require capital, which is why we also provide advisory services in the process of obtaining finance, e.g. from European funding.

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